Special Education Inner Circle

Special Education Inner Circle

Hosted by: Catherine Whitcher

The Special Education Inner Circle podcast is hosted by Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed, founder of the Master IEP Coach® Mentorship + Network. Get your notebook ready as Catherine brings you real-world strategies for...


Diagnosis Disaster and Self Advocacy Success

Season #1 Episode #78

Catherine Hughes was living a mom's worst fear. Her child was taken from her after a bystander called authorities to report her parenting actions. Catherine Hughes did not do anything wrong, she simply needed answers....
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Creative Speech Strategies with Dr. Erik X. Raj

Season #1 Episode #77

How do you get a child to become more involved in reaching their speech goals? Erik gives you dozens of ideas on how to use modern games that kids love to reach higher levels of communication! Contact Erik:...
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Stop Calling IEP Meetings without THIS Information

Season #1 Episode #76

Ever been caught in the trap of IEP meeting after IEP meeting and feeling like you're never getting anywhere? Parents and Teachers, Use these 3 steps to stop the endless cycle of unnecessary IEP meetings. More IEP...
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We Need More Than IEPs

Season #1 Episode #75

We know that IEPs can't provide everything a child needs for the future... sometimes we have to build our own resources in the community! Continue the conversation as a VIP Special Education Insider:...
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Starting a Special Education School from Scratch

Season #1 Episode #74

Have you ever thought of starting your own Special Education school?   Kelly Weaver entered the world of autism when her daughter was diagnosed at the age of 2. She successfully ran an ABA program out of...
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Navigating IEPs as an Autism Family with Jessica Beaty

Season #1 Episode #73

First, the school didn't believe that her son needed an IEP. Next, she had to negotiate an IEP for her daughter. Through all the assessments for her children, Jessica found out something about herself too! The COZI...
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Stop Surprises at the IEP Table

Season #1 Episode #72

Surprising the "other side" at the IEP table is a guaranteed way to break trust and get off track during the IEP meeting. You must use an agenda, submit parent input, and explore all placement options BEFORE the IEP...
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How to Get Aide Support, ESY and Accommodations

Season #1 Episode #71

Parents, stop looking at your neighbor's child's IEP and wanting everything they have. Teachers, stop giving cookie-cutter supports. Together we can collaborate for more! Ready to become a Master IEP Coach?...
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Best Practice Strategies for Writing an IEP

Season #1 Episode #70

Special Education Parents and Teachers must pay attention to a million moving parts inside of an IEP. Learn best practice IEP strategies from Master IEP Coaches®. Need more help, visit www.specialedinnercircle.com...
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Autism and Challenging Behaviors with Molly Johnson

Season #1 Episode #69

Molly Johnson joins Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed on the Special Education Inner Circle Podcast to give parents of children with Autism simple behavior strategies that work during the biggest struggles. Visit...
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Wrong IEP Advice for Teachers and Parents

Season #1 Episode #68

"Your child is not messed up enough to receive an IEP for Autism", is exactly what Sandy heard when trying to get help for her son. Learn about what she did next and how Nicolette overcame bad advice as a new Special...
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Worst Special Education Advice Ever

Season #1 Episode #67

Special Education Parents and Teachers, I know you've heard some things during the IEP process that just don't sit right in your gut. Have you heard any of these 5 struggles in Special Education? Learn how the Master...
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