Teaching Special Education Teams How to Build IEPs with LESS Stress & MORE Results

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Dear Special Needs Parents, Teachers & Therapists,

For the past 21+ years I have been sitting at IEP tables coaching parents and teams how to build IEP goals for the real world and make BIG decisions about a child's education, while creating and maintaining positive relationships between IEP team members

We all sit at the same IEP table and up until now teachers & parents had to learn about IEPs separately. That changes rTODAY, right here, in the Online IEP Help Center!

Parents, teachers, and therapists, you are so very hard on yourself when it comes to getting an IEP "perfect". You stay up late and night and fuel yourself with coffee to get through the days leading up to the meeting, all because you feel the pressure of sitting at the table with everyone.

It's time for you to break that pattern. To feel confident walking into you next IEP meeting, no matter what your role is.  Maybe you are the teacher who needs to present not so pretty data to the parent or maybe your the parent who needs to talk about some sticky situations that need to be solved sooner than later.

No matter where you're at in the IEP process or what your title is at the table, the Online IEP Help Center is for you!

Inside the Online IEP Help Center, here are just a FEW things I will teach you:

  • How to prep for IEP meetings with ease
  • How to achieve MORE results with LESS stress in the classroom, in the home and at the IEP table
  • How to write IEP goals that work both short term and long term
  • How to create IEPs that have awesome supports and therapy services that make sense for helping a child be prepared for the future

It can be tough to know what actions you need to take to make sure EVERY child is prepared for further education, employment and independent living. 

You will save hours and hours of time and reduce your anxiety in our community inside the Online IEP Help Center. 

It's time to feel confident in being an important and valuable member of the IEP team!  

This is perfect timing for you to get the tools and critical information you need to help  decide if this is a successful school year. Is there progress being made? Most importantly, are you ready to make tough decisions on placement, supports & goals, which are the most stressful for parents and teams.

I'm beyond excited to help you 

With Hope & Determination Always,

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed


IMPORTANT: I am not a lawyer and will not be giving legal advice. I do not teach how to file state complaints or file due process. The IEP Help Center will focus solely on strategies to support families and teachers through the IEP process who are NOT in crisis situations.  


Parents & Teachers learn about IEPs- TOGETHER!

Exclusive Online IEP Help Center with Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

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IEP Goals

Basic & Advanced Training on IEP Goals


Learn to Create Inclusive Experiences for ALL Children

Progress Monitoring

Learn how to track a child's progress with EASE

Conflict Resolution

Master strategies you need to bring your IEP team together & get RESULTS


Know with confidence where a child should receive their services.

Meeting Strategies

Learn to build an IEP Agenda your IEP team will RESPECT and HONOR.


Catherine uses her teaching degrees to help you, help your team, find the resources your child needs.

Monthly Actions

Learn how to stay on top of your child's education without feeling exhausted!


24/7 Access to IEP trainings, checklists and more... AND you also will work LIVE with Catherine EVERY MONTH!

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Weekly Q&A to Answer YOUR Questions is included with your membership. Don't have a question? Learn from what other team members are asking!

LIVE Virtual Coffee Talks

Join Catherine LIVE and learn behind the scenes what she is doing "in the trenches" working with her private clients (school districts and parents) to improve IEPs.

Monthly Trainings

Catherine records a monthly training for your that includes checklists, templates and resources you need to keep your child's and students' education moving FORWARD.

"Catherine knows IEPs better than anyone I've ever met! She can break it down and make helping my child and working with the school EASIER than I ever thought possible."

Empowered Special Needs Mom from Illinois

"I can't BELIEVE the amount of resources and access to Catherine I have in the IEP Help Center. Right from my phone, I know I'm not advocating alone. I'm forever grateful that she made IEP Help so affordable and accessible to parents."

IEP Help Center Mom, Member Since 2016

"The Online IEP Help Center is the BEST investment I've ever made in my child's education. I knew A LOT before I joined, but I had no idea how EASY managing my child's IEP could be."

IEP Help Center Member Since 2016

A Note from Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed 

I can't wait to work with you! When I began my career in Special Education as a certified teacher (inspired by my brother with Down syndrome) I never could have imagined how I would be helping parents, teachers, & teams just like you, today! For the past 20+ years I've had many roles designing IEPs... from coaching parents, training teachers, speaking at LIVE events and swooping in when a district or parent calls in crisis - I LOVE it all. Together, inside the Online IEP Help Center, we will work towards making sure your IEP experience is less stressful than you ever thought possible! In the special needs community we know it takes a TRUE COMMUNITY with KNOWLEDGE and TEAMWORK to build an engaging school day and see progress... that's EXACTLY what you're going to experience EVERY MONTH inside the IEP Help Center. See you soon!

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