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Become a Master IEP Coach®
October 9th-10th in Orlando

You can be the Idea Bringer, Solution Finder, and Team Builder at the IEP Table!

Special Education Parents and Teachers... 

Master IEP Coaches® have sat at thousands of IEP tables, covered in coffee cups and laptops, helping parents and teachers build IEPs that work in the real world.

Our founder, Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed has been guiding teams for 25 years to think outside the box and get rid of old habits at the IEP table.

There are tens of thousands of dollars worth of education being left on the table every day because parents and teachers struggle with what to ask for and how to get to a YES from the district.  

No matter what time of year it is, our voicemails and inboxes are overflowing with parents and teachers who are tired of playing games in Special Education.

They're done feeling defeated after every IEP meeting and want to finally walk out of the room with their head held high knowing in their gut they just built an awesome IEP for a child who needs to start making real progress at school.

This is where you step in as a Master IEP Coach®!

Special Education Parents are googling right this very second trying to figure out what to do with their child's IEP. You could be their answer.

Teachers & IEP Teams are filling up sticky notes & lesson plan books to problem solve IEP disasters waiting to happen.  You could have the roadmap to help them with the toughest decisions they've ever had to make.

Inside of the Master IEP Coach® Mentorship, we will teach you how to level up a child's IEP and...

  • Say Goodbye to Old School IEP Goals 
  • Stop Fighting Over Services 
  • Secure Critical IEP Supports
  • Step Up Your Voice at the Table
  • Start Designing Inclusion Plans that Work

Parents & Teachers, While you're digging into fixing IEPS, you'll also learn how you are going step out as a Master IEP Coach® and get paid for your expertise.

If you do your job right, as a Master IEP Coach, you will save parents hours of time and tons of money. 

You'll be guiding teachers, therapists, and teams to discover special education solutions they've never seen before.

Master IEP Coaches® spark teachers & teams to shut their laptop lids and lean into creating more than just an IEP document.

You'll be the go-getter who knows how to build an educational experience that students and parents treasure.

And.. If you've got big dreams to change special education beyond your current role at the IEP table, we can show you how!

We will give you the exact steps to create...

  • A website from scratch on a shoestring budget so people can find you
  • Communities on social media that are lining up for your virtual IEP coffee talks
  • A fee structure for your knowledge that feels fair and puts food on your table
  • Online workshops & courses for the parents and teachers you want to help most
  • Speaking engagements both virtually and in-person

You can build an online course to help parents, provide professional development for schools, speak at disability conferences, or support parents during their IEP meetings... You decide what YOU want to do as a Master IEP Coach!

We hold nothing back inside of the mentorship! 

By the end of your mentorship, you will have 7 Master IEP Coach Methods ® that you can start using immediately to HELP YOURSELF and HELP OTHERS.

These are the exact tools that we've used for decades that result in "jump for joy" success in helping students and IEP teams. We use these strategies and methods every day to help parents, teachers, therapists and admins build IEPs that make sense for a child's unique needs.

When you join us LIVE in Orlando, you will be prepared to start taking your own IEP Help phone calls from parents & special needs organizations almost immediately!

This is perfect timing for you to get the skills you need to help parents and IEP team members decide if this school year will be a sweet success or a trip on the struggle bus.

You'll be ready to help parents & teams make the toughest decisions about placement, therapies, and IEP goals.

Let's work together and change our community, one IEP at a time.

With Hope & Determination Always,

The Master IEP Coach® Team and
Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed
Master IEP Coach® Mentorship, Founder

Day 1

  • Bust out your IEPs and experience a full hands-on IEP workshop with Master IEP Coach® founder, Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

  • Get Intentional with your IEP process, from timelines to deadlines, Stephanie DeLussey, founder of The Intentional IEP® shows you how to get the IEP process done right!

  • No more cookie-cutter IEPs! Teacher of the Year, Meredith Mitchell breaks down IEP goal standards with the simplicity you need to see a child make real progress.

  • Create your 90 Day Master IEP Coach® Action Plan to change your child's and/or students' IEPs forever!  The strategies we're giving you have been tested 1000's of times and they work!

Day 2

  • IEP Case Management and Conflict Resolution Strategies you need for yourself and others.

  • General Education Collaboration, How to build a COMPLETE IEP TEAM!

  • Rethinking Inclusion + Building Inclusion Plans that Work.

  • Strategies to become a Master IEP Coach® and Keep your day job. Perfect for Teachers who want to stay in the school system!

  • Launch plan to be the Master IEP Coach® your community needs Perfect for both parents and professionals who want to create income as a Master IEP Coach®!


  • Lifetime access to the COMPLETE Master IEP Coach® Mentorship online course! ($500 Value)

  • FULL Access to our 5 Day ONLINE Mentorship in January, including 10 Advanced IEP Trainings! ($500 Value)

  • Master IEP Coach® Swag 

  • Pre-Mentorship Zoom Meeting so we can get to know each other before we arrive in Orlando!

  • Confidential conversations with our Master IEP Coach® Leaders. We're ready to support you in your role at the IEP table!

  • Invitation to join the Master IEP Coach® Network!


IMPORTANT: This Mentorship Has Limited Seating

Your Master IEP Coach® Experience will be like NOTHING you've ever experienced in Special Education before! With 3 IEP Experts and Less than 20 people in the room, you are absolutely going to get every one of your questions answered. Finally the help and guidance you've been looking for in Special Education!

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Parents, Teachers, Admins, and Therapists, This is for you!

  • Full Access to All Special Education Sessions
  • Access to Career Options Sessions
  • Full Access to Complete Online Course
  • FULL Access to our 5 Day ONLINE Mentorship in January, including 10 Advanced IEP Trainings! ($500 Value)
  • T-Shirt, Certificate + Surprise Swag!
  • Sessions will be on 10/9 (9am-4pm) and 10/10 (9am-noon)

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VIP Registration


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  • Everything in General Registration
  • Full Access to Business Building and Launch Strategies
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  • Business Boost Breakfast Mastermind Session Sunday Morning
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  • Super Swag Bundle
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  • Sessions will be on 10/9 (9am-4pm) and 10/10 (8am-4pm)

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Travel Details for Orlando 

We will be meeting at Tru by Hilton Orlando Convention Center Area. We have a special room rate of $145.00. We will be minutes away from all the Orlando fun! You will receive instructions to reserve your hotel, and your detailed itinerary after your register. (Start/finish hours are listed in your registration options above.) If traveling from out of town, you will want to arrive the day before we begin, and depending on your registration choice, you will have completed your Master IEP Coach® Mentorship by early or late afternoon on Day Two.

What Master IEP Coaches® Are Saying:
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Meet Your Master IEP Coach® Leaders in Orlando!

Master IEP Coach®, Founder

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed is a former classroom Special Education teacher, a special needs sibling, and has been traveling the country for 25 years helping parents and schools build IEPs that work in the real world.  She's the host of the Special Education Inner Circle and she can't wait to meet you!

The Intentional IEP®, Founder

Stephanie DeLussey, also known as Mrs. D's Corner all over social media, became a Master IEP Coach® in 2020, is a Certified Special Education Teacher, loves building resources for teachers and IEP teams, and is obsessed with making sure the IEP process is more effective for everyone! 

Teacher of the Year!

Meredith Mitchell is a certified Special Education Teacher and true leader inside of our school system. She became a Master IEP Coach® in 2021 and is determined to help you get rid of copy and paste IEPs with simple strategies you can use no matter what your role is on the IEP team!

Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer and Legal Stuff Our Lawyers Make Us Say: As with any online or mentorship program, your results as a Master IEP Coach® may vary based on your level of effort, personal qualities, knowledge, skills and so much more. Catherine Whitcher and the Master IEP Coach® program are not responsible for your success or failure. We are confident that we are providing you with an awesome experience and toolbox to help you achieve the highest level and the parents & teachers you've seen here are examples of what is possible. If you have any questions about the program and if it's right for you, please do not hesitate to send an email to [email protected] or text 414-310-9914