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I can't wait to show you exactly what I've been doing for over 20+ years to change Special Education communities nationwide. Now it's your turn to make impact in your community by becoming a Master IEP Coach!

Meet Allison and Hear Why She Became a Master IEP Coach

Becoming a Master IEP coach was an obvious choice for me because I have two kids who will have IEPs in school. The program explained some concepts I was afraid to learn about on my own and the Master IEP Coach community was so supportive as we tackled the material together! What I didn’t expect was the help to create an actual sustainable business that can support my family AND serve other families like ours. This has been a gift for us many times over and I’m so grateful for this program.
-Allison Grigsby Sweatman, Master IEP Coach, Mom to Rosie & Beau

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