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A Personal Note - Two Things that Stop Special Needs Parents

from Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

Why do so many special needs parents STRUGGLE to navigate the special education, get their voice heard, and feel good about their child's education?

It's not because they are not trying hard enough.

In fact, they're trying REALLY hard, a lot like you.

They buy books and invest in IEP trainings. They are committed and determined knowing their child's education could be better.

So what holds them back?


  1. Lack of consistency and the right training to help them get results in their child's IEP faster.
  2. Accountability and coaching so they get real direction and feedback and feedback about their child's education!

In other words...

They don't know what to do, don't get enough new strategies, and don't have someone keeping them on track and accountable.

I bet you can relate.

You DEEPLY CARE about helping your child get the best education possible.

You're the type of parent who really wants to trust the IEP team more, work together more, and really see your child have awesome school days.

You want the IEP to work because you KNOW, deep down, your child is supposed to have a life that isn't limited by their label and your family shouldn't be drained by stress and conflict.

But the truth is...

.... sometimes you get STUCK, right?

Well, I can help you with that by giving you and your child's education more attention every single month.

In fact, for just $1 right now, I want to get you in and give you the CONSISTENT help you need to get special education results FASTER than you ever thought possible.

IEP Training Videos

Every Hot Topic in Special Education is broken down into EASY steps you can learn, right from your phone. Play, Pause, and take notes to learn what you can do next for your child's education.


You'll immediately gain access to a private FB group where you can ask questions and Catherine will personally answer you. You will never have to make an IEP decision alone again.

LIVE Online Coffee Talks

Every month Catherine goes LIVE with you, in your private FB group to share IEP case studies, answer your questions and give you simple action steps you can do RIGHT NOW to improve your child's education.

Here's What This is About

What would happen if we made special education easier and you could build your child a better education by working with me every month?

Every month, I go LIVE for HUNDREDS of special needs parents in my ONLINE IEP Help Center.

It's an ongoing support of energy, breakthroughs and new tactical strategies that keep you feeling strong, as your child's voice.

Because you and I both know a lot of times we can get fired up about IEP issues, but then lose the fire and MOMENTUM when real life hits.


That's why I'm inviting you into my LIVE monthly trainings, inside the Online IEP Help Center.

  • Every month, I spend HOURS with special needs parents, helping with IEPs online.
  • I teach my latest strategies, share IEP case studies and Q&A. It's your chance to get answers for your child without having to stress out about hiring an advocate or lawyer.
  • Parents report HUGE gains in their motivation, focus and confidence every month. I mean, who else is keeping you fired up, focused, driven to be your ABSOLUTE BEST before, during and after the IEP meeting!?

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

I can't wait to work with you! When I began my career in Special Education as a certified teacher (inspired by my brother with Down syndrome) I never could have imagined how I would be helping parents, just like you, today! For the past 20+ years I've had many roles designing IEPs... from coaching parents, training teachers, speaking at LIVE events and swooping in when a district or parent calls in crisis - I LOVE it all. Together, inside the Online IEP Help Center, we will work towards making sure your child's education plan from the minute they arrive on campus, until the minute they return back home is appropriate and meaningful for gaining the skills they need to be successful - not just today, but LONG TERM. In the special needs community we know it takes a TRUE COMMUNITY with KNOWLEDGE and TEAMWORK to build an engaging school day and see progress... that's EXACTLY what you're going to experience EVERY MONTH inside the IEP Help Center. See you soon!


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Don't worry - if you can't make it to the LIVE training with me, you'll get the recordings in your member's area. All for just $1 this month. If you don't cancel, then we assume you're loving it and you will be automatically billed $27 per month just like every one of our committed special needs parents you'll be meeting online. If you choose to cancel, you just have to hit reply to any email you receive and we'll take care of the cancellation for you. Please email questions to [email protected] or call (815) 302-1273


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