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Be Good and Do More Work is a Strategy for IEP Disaster

Using Special Education services and IEPs to help students become just like the “other students” is a HUGE mistake that happens way too often in our Special Needs community.

This strategy simply doesn’t work because…

1. We are all unique and trying to do something the exact same way at the exact same time as other students the same age is NOT easy for anybody!

2. We are cheating students out of discovering their own strengths because trying to keep up all the time is stealing their focus and self-confidence.

3. Long term, in the real world, we all (hopefully) end up learning that when we step into our individuality, we succeed at levels nobody thought possible.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have grade-level expectations for a reference or some standardized assessments to track areas of strengths and weaknesses.

I am saying that if we focus on all the “standard” stuff, all the time, we simply get more behind, more discouraged, and...

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PODCAST: IEP Goals are NOT just for Academics, Especially Now

Special Education teams are hustling through zoom meetings and modified IEP goals without slowing down to find the long term learning moments in child's day.

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Podcast: Critical IEP Decisions During Remote Learning

IEP teams are struggling through remote learning decisions, but you absolutely can avoid IEP devastation.


There are 5 Mistakes you must avoid as a Special Needs Parent or Special Education Teacher when making IEP Remote Learning Decisions.


Together, I'll walk you through these 5 mistakes and what every child REALLY needs to benefit from remote learning. Avoiding long term negative IEP consequences from remote learning is possible!

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[Webinar] Missed IEP Services + IEP Decisions


We've all been making tough decisions about what to do next for our child or our students who depend on an IEP for success both inside and outside of school.

In 60 minutes, I'll take you through 3 Things You Can Do in the Next 30 Days to make IEP decisions easier and.... listen in as parents and teachers asked questions about placements, assessments and homebound learning.

If you have IEP questions, there's an entire team of Master IEP Coaches® ready to help you. Their coffee cups are full and they have more resources than you'll ever find during your 1am google search. 

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Student Safety: Special Education Supports for Teachers & Parents

Every IEP has a section called "Supports for School Personnel and Parent Training".

Maybe yours is titled just a little bit different because of the IEP program your district uses to write the IEP, but I promise you, it's there.

I love this section of the IEP. It can bring us together as a team. It can make sure that nobody fails a student due to "not knowing". It's the one place where we can truly be proactive in a child's education to make sure everything is as accessible as possible.

We can use this area in many different ways. From healthcare training for students who have special diets to helping a team fully understand how a diagnosis of ADHD might effect a child in a general education classroom.

We can also use this area for safety and behavior training, which is top of mind for me right now as I lead Master IEP Coaches® in how to support students going back to school in the Fall.

We've been out of school for way too long. So much is going to be changed when we go back....

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Burnout is REAL for Special Needs Parents and Teachers


People ask me all the time how after two decades of working on IEPs I can still be excited, joyful and full of hope.

It's because I refused to get burnt out by all the fighting words and actions in Special Education.

Parents & Teachers, I get why Special Education struggles are real, but if you take these 4 steps... you'll be able to work through those exhausting days knowing that there is a bright future ahead for all of our children and students.

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Special Education Teachers + Parents are Smarter than the System


Podcast Transcript:

Welcome everyone to the special education inner circle podcast. I'm excited to be here with you today. We're going to dig on a hot topic for both special education teachers and parents. Actually for everybody who's at the IEP table. In fact, as I was preparing for this hot topic, I opened up my Facebook and I'm scrolling through it and I see almost within the first three posts, I see a story about a man with autism who couldn't get a job. So he opened up his own coffee shop. That is exactly the type of story that we're going to be talking about today and how teachers and parents in the special education system, you are smarter than the system itself and you have to start working together to make things happen. So here's, here's the scoop. Let's just kind of step back just for a minute and talk about how special education is only 44 years old, which in some ways that is a baby.

That is just a little start to what we can do in special education. In...

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