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IEP Roadmap 2021


Warning: The above video was recorded live. You're about to listen in on REAL conversations and questions from Special Education Teachers & Parents!

Truth: The cracks in Special Education became sinkholes in 2020, but 2021 can be so much better!

You just need an IEP Roadmap to get through this detour we're all on together.

Watch the video above and then join me in the Special Education Inner Circle to create your own personalized IEP Roadmap. 


P.S. YES! This is for ANYBODY who sits at an IEP table. Parents, you need an IEP Roadmap for your children. Teachers, you need one for your students. Come on in and become a Special Education Insider HERE

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Pop IEP Quiz

Parents and Teachers are scrolling through social media, stressing out over what they need to do next in the IEP process. The rumors about signing or not signing the IEP and missed services are popping up everywhere. It's time for you to figure out what YOU need to do to move forward without feeding into the IEP frenzy.

Pop IEP Quiz Answers

1. Parents Need to Sign the IEP for Changes to Happen. MAYBE. It depends on what state you live in and what type of changes are being proposed. My teaching degree is in IL and the laws in IL do NOT require any parent signature to implement changes on the IEP (with a very few exceptions). We have a funky 10 day waiver that basically tells parents, sign this for services to change now or choose not to agree and we will make the changes in 10 days, anyway. Then parents have 10 days to work things out with the IEP team.

You absolutely cannot follow the generic advice you get on social media to "not sign the IEP". Both parents and teachers need...

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Special Education Teamwork is Possible

Special Education Teamwork! It’s possible!


These 3 women live across the country from me and flew into Chicago a few weeks ago to work together on creating a legacy of change in special education through the Master IEP Coach mentorship + network.


Change for parents. Change for teachers. Most of all, change for students!


We don’t have to wait for legislation to improve. We can improve ourselves, our strategies, our solutions and we can help others improve. Making special education “better” doesn’t have to happen through the law. It can happen through you.


If you feel like special education is stuck in the dark ages, you’re right, but it doesn’t have to be.


You and I both have a choice to find the creative solutions, inside of a broken school system, to make sure every child is prepared for further education, employment and independent living.


If you’re tired of IEP goals that don’t have a...

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