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Special Education needs to look different in 2021 than it did in 2020!  We took a detour, but you can get back on track. In fact, Special Education could be better than ever before!

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Pop IEP Quiz

Parents and Teachers are scrolling through social media, stressing out over what they need to do next in the IEP process. The rumors about signing or not signing the IEP and missed services are popping up everywhere. It's time for you to figure out what YOU need to do to move forward without feeding into the IEP frenzy.

Pop IEP Quiz Answers

1. Parents Need to Sign the IEP for Changes to Happen. MAYBE. It depends on what state you live in and what type of changes are being proposed. My teaching degree is in IL and the laws in IL do NOT require any parent signature to implement changes on the IEP (with a very few exceptions). We have a funky 10 day waiver that basically tells parents, sign this for services to change now or choose not to agree and we will make the changes in 10 days, anyway. Then parents have 10 days to work things out with the IEP team.

You absolutely cannot follow the generic advice you get on social media to "not sign the IEP". Both parents and teachers need...

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Special Education Teachers + Parents are Smarter than the System


Podcast Transcript:

Welcome everyone to the special education inner circle podcast. I'm excited to be here with you today. We're going to dig on a hot topic for both special education teachers and parents. Actually for everybody who's at the IEP table. In fact, as I was preparing for this hot topic, I opened up my Facebook and I'm scrolling through it and I see almost within the first three posts, I see a story about a man with autism who couldn't get a job. So he opened up his own coffee shop. That is exactly the type of story that we're going to be talking about today and how teachers and parents in the special education system, you are smarter than the system itself and you have to start working together to make things happen. So here's, here's the scoop. Let's just kind of step back just for a minute and talk about how special education is only 44 years old, which in some ways that is a baby.

That is just a little start to what we can do in special education. In...

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What Should Danny Do?

 One of my absolute favorite new books! 

Do you remember the "choose your own adventure books" from when you were a kid? 

This is a new twist on that concept and it uses everyday situations that children (and parents) face everyday.

Should we sneak a snack or wait for mom?

My little brother hurt me, should I hurt him back or make a better choice?

I want to use my favorite plate for breakfast, but my brother has it. Should I have a meltdown or wait?

You're going to LOVE reading the same book over and over because it feels like a new story every time when you make new choices!



Click Here to Get Your Copy of "What Should Danny Do" on Amazon 

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Questions to Ask Before, During and After an IEP Meeting!

Learn what questionst to ask Before, During and After... YOUR IEP MEETING!

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IEP Parent Input Statement NEEDED

Learn How to Create Your Parent Input Statement in a Private Group with Me HERE!


Special Education Parents and Teachers... We simply can't know where we are going with confidence if we don't start using the Parent Input statement effectively.

As a former special education teacher, I know first hand that this section is often glanced over. Yes, it's filled out. Yes, parent concerns are summarized. However, it's definitely not given the time and attention it needs considering what a critical change it can make in the IEP process.

Being a special needs sibling I watched my mom struggle to have her voice heard. She never gave up, but honestly, she didn't always take a diplomatic approach. (I totally get WHY, but if I can help a parent avoid that level of frustration, I will!)

It's time to take the BOLD IEP APPROACH and make the parents voice a significant driver in the IEP process. 

Each and every Parent Input statement should include the parent's concerns and desired...

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