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What it REALLY takes to become a Master IEP Coach...

Yesterday, I did my usual thing. I had my coffee, checked my emails, and prepped for a full day of working with Master IEP Coaches to help them get their message out to their community.

But, Markeisha, who put on her Master IEP Coach t-shirt and filled her mug, did NOT do her usual thing yesterday. 

She is a former teacher and an adoptive mom who began the adoption process through the foster system.

Her son had struggles from the day they met and even with all of her professional background, she had to navigate the special education system in a whole new way. 

She has a story to tell and HOPE to give to families who going through the foster system process with children who have disabilities. 

She has strategies that families need to know about and being part of the Master IEP Coach community...

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IEP Meetings are NOT Dumping Grounds for Complaints


Your IEP meeting has an extraordinary amount of collective knowledge at the table. Let's not waste time by dumping all of our complaints into the middle to start sorting.

Instead, take these 3 steps and experience an extremely productive IEP meeting that yields results for your child/student.

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Summer Priorities to Avoid Fall IEP Chaos

Trust me. These 3 steps can make a HUGE impact for special needs parents and special education teachers looking to avoid chaos when we return to school in the Fall.

Finish all 3 step in under 30 minutes and sleep better at night knowing that you've made progress towards creating the best school year possible.

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PODCAST: n2y is Changing Special Education for Teachers, Parents & Students!


Special Education Teachers & Parents, This is EXCITING! Lean in and listen all about what N2Y is creating to help you navigate the IEP process with ease!

 Worried about meeting education standards in the IEP?

 Concerned about IEP compliance?

Searching for curriculum that works both online & in person?

Tired of endless emails sent back and forth during the IEP process?

Learn more at:
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What's next for Special Education?

What’s next for Special Education?

Permanent distance learning plans in all IEPs? I hope so.

Technology supports in all IEPs? I hope so.

Appropriate IEP goals that prepare students for the real world? YES!

It’s finally time to get rid of the 1980’s version of Special Education that we see in so many schools today.

Teachers want old school IEPs gone. Parents are ready to toss the old versions out the window. So now here’s our chance.

Special Education has fallen apart. Our awesome IEP teams are trying to hold it together. Let’s put back the pieces that matter, get rid of the out dated excuses at the higher up levels, and finally help all students be prepared for this new normal.

That’s exactly what we’re doing as Master IEP Coaches across the nation. Enrollment for the next mentorship is open. Start Here to Learn More:


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Transition Triggers are NEEDED for Crisis Schooling

Triggers. We usually think of the word "trigger" as a negative. We get triggered and the result is anger or meltdowns. Especially when we are discussing Special Education, behavior plans and supporting a child in a successful school day.

Today, we're going to reframe the word "trigger" into a good thing. Something that you need. An action your child might be craving because it will help this new confusing world feel just a little bit easier.

We've heard a million times how this disruption of routine has upset everyone, specifically students who thrive in routines. We can't get the old routines back, just yet, but we can break down what the routine did, what purpose it served, and work together to implement a trigger. Not a full routine, a trigger.

Remember, when this crisis started and everyone was posting cutesy rainbow colored scheduled with breaks and work time, all while making a homemade dinner from scratch. This was going to be their new routine. It didn't work. At least not...

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PODCAST: Crisis Schooling in Special Education - Less is MORE

Should we really be following our state recommended "distance learning" minutes? Probably not.

Our reality in our special needs community is that we don't take breaks from learning in the same way as others. 

Our "recommended minutes" for learning will never be less because we are always striving to reach that next milestone that our peers have probably already mastered.

Less minutes with a worksheet or working on official academic benchmarks can actually mean MORE time for reaching new milestones and generalizing our skills. 

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PODCAST: Errorless Learning for Distance Learning with Alyssa



Alyssa is a Special Education teacher who knows her stuff when it comes to setting up students for success.

If you've never heard of Errorless Learning before, lean in and listen... it's perfect ALL the time, but especially awesome during this time of distance learning during the crisis.

Learn More from Alyssa & Get Dozens of Freebies at:

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Burnout is REAL for Special Needs Parents and Teachers


People ask me all the time how after two decades of working on IEPs I can still be excited, joyful and full of hope.

It's because I refused to get burnt out by all the fighting words and actions in Special Education.

Parents & Teachers, I get why Special Education struggles are real, but if you take these 4 steps... you'll be able to work through those exhausting days knowing that there is a bright future ahead for all of our children and students.

Resources: and

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IEP Resources or Resourcefulness? No Excuses, You Choose.


Have you ever thought of picking up and moving to a better district? Almost every special needs parent & IEP team member I've ever talked to has had the same dream. But, will IEP progress really improve in a district with more resources? Maybe. Maybe Not.

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