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Podcast: Reaching IEP Goals during Virtual Learning with Heather


Special Education Teacher and Master IEP Coach®, Heather, walks us through what it takes to make meaningful progress during virtual learning!


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Video: Answering your IEP Questions, PLUS, I can't believe I heard this from a teacher!


Come hang out, get answers to your IEP questions, and know we're in this together. Plus, I'll let you in on what a teacher told me is happening in schools! 

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[Video] Podcast: Must Reach Outside of Standard IEP Goals


If you're only using IEP goals to meet standard curriculum goals, you're missing out on the power to achieve more!

More independence. More relationships. More communication.

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IEP Goal Writing - Less Can Be More


In the middle of remote learning, hybrid models and social distancing in school, it's important to remember that you don't have to overload a child's day in order to help them make significant progress on MEANINGFUL IEP goals.

Got questions? Meet me inside of the Inner Circle with a team of Master IEP Coaches who can help you!

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Never Underestimate My Brother

Proud sister moment! My brother is 42 and has Down syndrome. He didn't grow up with iPhones and social media (just like most of us), but he figures it out! My mom snapped this pic of him video chatting through FB Messenger with his friend from Special Olympic Figure Skating. She also has Down syndrome.
Things to know...
1. My brother's education and IEPs were far from perfect, but paperwork from 25 years ago doesn't stop him from learning more everyday.
2. Inclusion in general education or "normal" community activities is great, but NEVER EVER underestimate the power of the special needs community. Our friends we made through Special Olympics are our lifeline on the good days and through the tough times.
3. The professionals in the medical and education community told my mom that my brother wouldn't read, write, or talk. They were wrong. Parents & Teachers... Keep dreaming. Keeping striving. Keep going forward. You have no idea what...
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DANGEROUS IEP Goals - Well Kind Of


Dangerous situations haunt special needs parents, but is there something we can do in the IEP to help?


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PROUD Special Needs Sibling Moment - My Brother Rocks!


Every now and then my brother knocks my socks off by showing me a skill I never thought he would master!

Motivation for finding his favorite football game on TV was a big enough kick in the pants for him to learn how to speak clearly to say "N-F-L" into the voice activated remote.

Anybody who knows anything about Down syndrome, knows that understanding speech patterns in persons with Down syndrome can be difficult. 

Voice activated controls are usually not an option, but HE DID IT!

Moms & Dads - Keep going. Keep pushing through, especially when others say "no way".  Your gut knows what is possible and as a special needs sibling, I can say with confidence that your other children will LOVE you even more for pushing their siblings to always go farther than others expect. 

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