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Crisis Schooling Exhaustion in Special Education is Real

Crisis schooling exhaustion is real.

It's not just you, your routine (or lack of routine) or something that you can just figure out and then it goes away.

Think back to when you've had other changes in your life forced into your daily routines.

Maybe it was a move, a marriage, a divorce, a death, a job change, special needs challenges or a surprise medical diagnosis ... whatever it was, it was exhausting. But it was different. You knew the exhaustion was temporary and you either had survived this type of life change before or you knew someone who had gone through it. In fact, you or that someone you know probably came out stronger on the other side.

Here's the huge difference of what is happening right now. You and your children or students have been forced into a huge change, it's exhausting, and we don't know when it will end. We don't even have specific examples of how people have survived this in the past because schools have NEVER been shut down like this before. 

I'm not...

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Recommended Minutes of Instruction for Learning at Home for Illinois

Parents and Teachers... look at these minutes recommended by the Illinois State Board of Ed.

Give yourself grace. Kids aren’t supposed to work for 6 hours at home. Your goal is NOT to replicate school at home.

Your goal is to care for a child as a whole person first and then facilitate additional learning.

Read the whole guide here

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Paraprofessionals & Distance Learning - Let them help!

Paraprofessionals are hungry to help! It's time to break the rules of what they are allowed to do and not to do... in other words... let them talk to parents & students directly without using the teacher as a messenger.
Office hours to keep classroom relationships are critical.
Getting snail mail in the mailbox is exciting.
Social stories to navigate chaos are necessary.
Help managing self-regulation at home is vital.
Connecting regular ed & special ed expertise is crucial.
We're all in this together. Old rules should not be holding us back. Get creative. We got this!
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