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You Don't Have to Be Combative at the IEP Table

"You don't have to be combative at the IEP table" and our Master IEP Coach® Community is "like a sisterhood or sorority and you can't put a price on that".
In our uncertain times in education, it's more important that ever for Special Needs Parents and Special Education Teachers to find their people and their priorities.
We've got both for you inside of the Master IEP Coach® Mentorship!
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3 IEP Goal Writing Steps for Every Parent and Teacher

IEP goals are NOT for keeping up with the other kids or meeting random curriculum standards.

Special Needs Parents and Special Education Teachers can take these 3 quick IEP steps to change IEP goals (for the better!) forever.

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Critical IEP Decisions for Remote Learning


IEP teams are struggling through remote learning decisions, but you absolutely can avoid IEP devastation.

There are 5 Mistakes you must avoid as a Special Needs Parent or Special Education Teacher when making IEP Remote Learning Decisions.

Together, I'll walk you through these 5 mistakes and what every child REALLY needs to benefit from remote learning. Avoiding long term negative IEP consequences from remote learning is possible!

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Podcast LIVE: 3 IEP Steps to Help with the Messy Back to School Season


Podcast LIVE: 3 IEP Steps to Help with the Messy Back to School Season

There are dozens of things we need to do when it comes to IEPs and back to school, but starting with these 3 will help parents and teachers ease the chaos.

Ready to solve special education struggles? Start at:

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IEPs + Adoption + Master IEP Coach®, Markeisha


What it REALLY takes to become a Master IEP Coach...

Yesterday, I did my usual thing. I had my coffee, checked my emails, and prepped for a full day of working with Master IEP Coaches to help them get their message out to their community.

But, Markeisha, who put on her Master IEP Coach t-shirt and filled her mug, did NOT do her usual thing yesterday. 

She is a former teacher and an adoptive mom who began the adoption process through the foster system.

Her son had struggles from the day they met and even with all of her professional background, she had to navigate the special education system in a whole new way. 

She has a story to tell and HOPE to give to families who going through the foster system process with children who have disabilities. 

She has strategies that families need to know about and being part of the Master IEP Coach community...

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IEP Meetings are NOT Dumping Grounds for Complaints


Your IEP meeting has an extraordinary amount of collective knowledge at the table. Let's not waste time by dumping all of our complaints into the middle to start sorting.

Instead, take these 3 steps and experience an extremely productive IEP meeting that yields results for your child/student.

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Student Safety in Special Ed - There's section in the IEP for Training!

One of the most unknown sections of the IEP is a box that is titled something like "Training for Personnel". Did you know this can include parents?
Did you know this can include safety and behavior training?

Listen to the latest episode of the Special Education Inner Circle Podcast to get ideas on how you can use this section of the IEP as both a school staff member and a parent!

Learn more at

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Student Safety: Special Education Supports for Teachers & Parents

Every IEP has a section called "Supports for School Personnel and Parent Training".

Maybe yours is titled just a little bit different because of the IEP program your district uses to write the IEP, but I promise you, it's there.

I love this section of the IEP. It can bring us together as a team. It can make sure that nobody fails a student due to "not knowing". It's the one place where we can truly be proactive in a child's education to make sure everything is as accessible as possible.

We can use this area in many different ways. From healthcare training for students who have special diets to helping a team fully understand how a diagnosis of ADHD might effect a child in a general education classroom.

We can also use this area for safety and behavior training, which is top of mind for me right now as I lead Master IEP Coaches® in how to support students going back to school in the Fall.

We've been out of school for way too long. So much is going to be changed when we go back....

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Summer Priorities to Avoid Fall IEP Chaos

Trust me. These 3 steps can make a HUGE impact for special needs parents and special education teachers looking to avoid chaos when we return to school in the Fall.

Finish all 3 step in under 30 minutes and sleep better at night knowing that you've made progress towards creating the best school year possible.

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VIDEO: n2y is Changing Special Education for Teachers, Parents & Students!


Special Education Teachers & Parents, This is EXCITING! Lean in and listen all about what N2Y is creating to help you navigate the IEP process with ease!

 Worried about meeting education standards in the IEP?
 Concerned about IEP compliance?
Searching for curriculum that works both online & in person?
Tired of endless emails sent back and forth during the IEP process?

Learn more at:
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