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IEPs + Adoption + Master IEP Coach®, Markeisha


What it REALLY takes to become a Master IEP Coach...

Yesterday, I did my usual thing. I had my coffee, checked my emails, and prepped for a full day of working with Master IEP Coaches to help them get their message out to their community.

But, Markeisha, who put on her Master IEP Coach t-shirt and filled her mug, did NOT do her usual thing yesterday. 

She is a former teacher and an adoptive mom who began the adoption process through the foster system.

Her son had struggles from the day they met and even with all of her professional background, she had to navigate the special education system in a whole new way. 

She has a story to tell and HOPE to give to families who going through the foster system process with children who have disabilities. 

She has strategies that families need to know about and being part of the Master IEP Coach community...

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