You are in Competition with No One

2020 2021 advocacy competition distance learning education guilt iep parenting school special education special needs teacher Jan 11, 2021

No, you're not behind.
No, you don't have to catch up.
No, you don't need to do more because they are.

Do I believe in doing better, achieving more, and leveling up? Absolutely!

Do I think you should do things because other people are? Heck no!

So you decide this year what you want and go for it.

Without worrying about other people reaching your similar goals faster than you or better than you.

Want your child to go to more therapies? Awesome.

Feeling guilty and obligated to go to more therapies because other people are doing it? Stop it. Follow your gut.

And teachers, no student cares if your bitmoji classroom is cute. If you love that perfection and cuteness as a teacher because it's your "thing". Awesome. If you're only a Pinterest teacher because other people are Pinterest teachers, LET IT GO. Your students and their families would rather have more of you, for just who you are.

Make this your year to just be you without the worry of what others are up to.


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