Why would a teacher become a Master IEP Coach®?

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Why would a teacher become a Master IEP Coach®?

Because she is also a parent.
Because she sees the struggle as a teacher.
Because she wants to help others.

"I’m currently sitting at the IEP table as a special education teacher and a case manager. I’ve also come to the 504 table as a parent of child with a history of high behavioral needs. I’ve been in the world of special education since I first learned about autism nearly 20 years ago in a variety of roles. Over the years, especially after becoming a parent to a child who wasn’t built to fit in the box of traditional leaner, I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with the special education system. My number one reason for signing up to be a Master IEP Coach is to make a bigger positive impact in helping families feel empowered to advocate for their children in a collaborative manner. I can’t wait for this journey to begin!" -Abbey

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