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What is a Master IEP Coach?

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2020


I could talk for hours about what a Master IEP Coach® is and is not, but let me try and sum it up quickly. We are parents, teachers, therapists and admins, who KNOW that Special Education shouldn't be so hard. We have the tools and strategies to make it easier!

For 20+ years I've been sitting at IEP tables, sometimes brought in by parents, sometimes by district, but all the time putting the child first.

Families & teachers had been asking me for years to learn to do what I do and I always said NO because trying to teach decades of experience in workshops would be too hard. I couldn't figure out how to make it happen... until a few years ago. 

Thank goodness for technology! I've bundled up all of my tools and created a Master IEP Coach® mentorship + network for every parent, teacher, therapist and admin who wants to make the IEP process easier for everyone, but most importantly, more effective for the child.

So after TWO DECADES of being in the trenches I've dedicated the past 3 years to training hundreds and hundreds of IEP team members online through the Master IEP Coach Mentorship. Some join because they only want to help their own families or students. Others join because they want all of the tools, PLUS they want to help others. They want to make this their career. Whichever one you want, I got you.

We are child focused, idea bringers, special education solution finders, excellent communicators and team builders. Master IEP Coaches understand special education at a whole new level. 

If you got butterflies in your gut when imagined the possibilities of being THAT PERSON who fixes special education for both children & IEP team members (without fighting at the IEP table), you're meant to be a Master IEP Coach. 

I'm ALL IN with Master IEP Coaches during the mentorship and I lead only the program only a few times a year. Consider this your official invite to join us. I can't wait to meet you and help you change your special education experience! 

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