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Special Needs Financial Planning - No Small Thinking Allowed!


I began the story above, from my car, sharing with you how I just finished my annual financial planning meeting, as a mom and special needs sibling.

Please excuse the tears about half way through the story of me sharing about an email that a special needs mom sent me while I was sitting at that meeting... all the emotion just hit me when I was thinking about her and her family's future. 

She's experiencing the same thing I experienced MANY years ago when I decided that NO boss or company was going to limit my families financial stability.

I would take charge of our finances - because that's what special needs moms do, right? Take charge.

I have my brother with Down syndrome in his 40's, a dad who passed of cancer, a mom who had a triple bypass a few years ago, on top of a daughter who is recovered from severe Epilepsy, and an older daughter who needs my attention with all the crisis that is always happening - did I mention I'm a single mom and sole provider for my family? 

I don't share this with you for any reason except for...  it's time for you to believe that financial stability while working from home and building a life you LOVE is possible.

People don't see the crisis when they look at my family. They see vacations, mother daughter dates, snapshots of my brother taking walks with his dog around my neighborhood (he moved here about a year ago). 

You don't have to be limited because your family is labeled "special needs". 

Let me teach you to do what I do - help families in your community, while helping yours. 

Click here to get the details you need to make the decision. I can't wait to work with you.

With Hope & Determination Always,





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