Special Education MYTH

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Special Education MYTH: It’s so hard to change the IEP, trust the IEP team, get the data, and feel confident that you’re making the best decisions both short and long term for a child.


Special Needs Parents feel this way.

Special Education Teachers feel this way.

And… it doesn’t have to be this way!


Things being “so hard” and ridiculously exhausting in special education is simply because you only know how to do things the hard way!


🛑 STOP thinking you need meetings to change everything.

🛑 STOP being the teacher that has the least amount of sleep because you want the cutest decor and best data. (Can you guess which one I want you to slide on?)

🛑 STOP being the parent that looks at what everyone else is doing for their child. (FYI: The super angry parents doing all the official paperwork to throw IEP teams under the bus aren’t getting anywhere, right now.)


✅ START: Surrounding yourself with people who refuse to get sucked into the drama of special education.

✅ START: Stepping out of old fashioned IEP goals that were meant for the 1980’s.

✅ START: Building your 2021 IEP Roadmap (YES, BOTH teachers AND parents need to know how to do this!)


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