Six Special Education Schooling Tips for Parents

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Here are Six Special Education Schooling Tips for Parents:


  1. Plan the day with your child: Give choices whenever possible. Allow time for a child to adjust to choices they do not like.


  1. Keep family routines: Schooling at home does NOT mean you stop doing the routines that were working at home prior to at-home school. Keep snack, dinner, and bedtime routines consistent.


  1. Be flexible: Be flexible to change up the schedule based on your and your child’s emotional needs.


  1. Use preferred topics: Now is the perfect time to dig deeper into the topics your child loves. Every topic from trains to food can be used to learn more reading, math, and independent living skills.


  1. Take breaks: Don’t underestimate the power of breaks. Add breaks to your schedule and make it fun—or be spontaneous to relieve the pressure in the moment.


  1. Keep in touch with teachers: Keep in touch with teachers, including when you are having a tough day. Letting go of deadlines and zoom meetings is OK, but please let your teachers know…don’t just disappear.


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