195. Creative Strategies for Sensory Supports

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Let's talk about a buzzword in Special Education - sensory!

In this episode, you'll meet Michael and Luce, the mastermind team behind Calm Strips. Inspired by his own sensory-seeking experiences, Michael set out to create something that didn't exist before. Picture this: simple tape wrapped on his finger, and bam! A calming effect like magic during those hectic workdays. That's what sparked the creation of Calm Strips, and after a year and a half of development and testing, Calm Strips officially launched.

Enter Luce, the amazing colleague who joined Michael in this incredible venture. A mom raising five wonderful kids, she immediately recognized the value of Calm Strips and introduced them to her own children, who were always begging her to bring home more Calm Strips from work!

Now, here's where it gets even better. By getting your hands on Calm Strips, you're not just taking care of yourself and your children, but you're also supporting a business that prioritizes neurodiverse learners, self-care, and well-being in our disability community. 

The team behind Calm Strips completely understands the challenges faced by families in the disability community. They've walked the walk and know how essential it is to prioritize family over everything else. If you're a parent of a child with a disability and you've got big dreams to improve your community for your child, listen to the end for words of beautiful encouragement from Michael and Luce. They're cheering you on to change the world!

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Key Moments:
04:27 Successful Combination Of Breathing Techniques And Sensory Experience Leads To High Demand
07:26 The Importance Of Finding Moments To Breathe In A Tech-driven Society
09:25 Personal Connection Drives Development Of Solution
00:15:19 The Importance Of Prioritizing Family
00:18:09 Steps Towards Success: From Boutiques To Urban Outfitters

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