196. Sensory Breaks in an IEP are Not Good Enough

I'm all about building better IEPs with parents and teachers who are ready to collaborate and shake things up in the world of special education. That means always looking ahead, exploring what's possible, and making those crucial details count!

Today, I want to talk about something that's often found in IEPs: sensory breaks. Now, don't get me wrong, sensory breaks are essential for many students, but we need to make sure we're doing them right. It's not as simple as just writing "sensory breaks" in the IEP and hoping for the best. We've got to dig deeper and ask ourselves why, what, and how.

Note: I'm really excited to share one of my favorite tools with you, something that can be a complete game-changer in the process of sensory integration – the Hoglet! You might be wondering what a Hoglet is, but don't worry; I'll fill you in shortly. Plus, I have a surprise for you – I'll be giving away some Hoglets, so stay tuned!

When we encounter sensory breaks in an IEP, the first question I like to ask is why. What's the purpose behind it, and what's happening that requires these breaks? I believe in questioning everything because it's the key to understanding and bringing about positive change.

It's essential to remember that each child is unique, and their needs can change over time. What worked as a sensory break last year might not be suitable for this year. That's where the Hoglet comes in! This fidget mouse is an amazing tool that can be seamlessly integrated into a child's day without interrupting their learning. It provides the sensory support they need while they continue to engage with their education.

And the best part? Children love the Hoglet! It's a win-win for everyone involved. Plus, involving the child in designing their sensory breaks can empower them with self-advocacy skills, which is so important in their educational journey.

So, let's get proactive and rethink how we approach sensory breaks in IEPs. By being open to new strategies and tools like the Hoglet, we can create a more effective and enjoyable learning experience for our students.

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I can't wait to continue this journey with you, exploring the world of special education and creating better IEPs for our children. So let's make sensory breaks more effective and enjoyable for everyone involved. Remember, it's all about building a strong foundation for their future education, employment, and independent living.

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