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Leave the Pity Party

I just read another one of those blog posts that float around social media talking about how isolating it is to be a special needs parent.

Yes, I see the need to talk about the loneliness, but there's a key step that is NEVER talked about when it comes to special needs parenting.

You NEED to walk out of the pity party.

Just go. Leave. Don't come back.

I'm serious.

Sure, you're going to have rough days that seem lonely, but that's still not an excuse to join the pity party.

You can have your own meltdown, just don't walk back through those doors of feeling sorry for yourself and then making yourself feel both better and worse because you've surrounded yourself with people who are feeling bad about themselves, too.

Here's the thing - if you are going to finally get out of the pity party, you need to find a different party to attend.

No, I don't mean one you have to leave the house for, although sometimes leaving the house is needed, especially when you find that tribe that all wear yoga pants no matter what the occasion. 

You need to commit to not doing this special needs parenting thing alone and not ever going back to the pity party - and that takes work.

You're going to have to be visitor in many new groups of people. People you meet online, people you meet in person, your friends friend or that mom that is always in the same waiting room as you when your kids are going to therapy. 

It's going to be uncomfortable. You're going to want to give up. You're going to think that nobody "gets you", but it's going to be oh so worth it. 

When you find your people, you're going to wonder on how you ever even survived in the pity party room. You'll feel bad for those in the room and you'll want to save them and show them the JOY that happens when you just walk out on the negativity. 

Remember, you can't bring someone out of the party until they are ready, but when they are ready, welcome them with open arms.

But, for right now - save yourself, walk out of the room that's spinning with negative vibes, block all the trolls on FB, and move on... 

YOU are meant for EXTRAORDINARY connections with people who love you for who you are and who your children are. 



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