Let's talk about the GOOD stuff happening in Special Education!

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Let's talk about the GOOD stuff happening in Special Education!

1. I know more parents and teachers who have read books by Wrightslaw than ever before. This is a good thing. The knowledge of what's required in Special Education is needed (for everyone). Now let's just make sure we don't turn knowledge into a weapon. We can use it for good... together!

2. The Special Education Inner Circle is filled with parents and teachers who are both supporting each other AND getting help from yours truly + Master IEP Coaches®. It's been around for almost 6 years and we're just getting started! 

3. Let's shout this from the rooftop! Thank you 2020 for reminding us that Special Education is a Service, Not a Place. We need to be able to support students in many different environments!

4. I LOVE our Master IEP Coach community and I'm having the hardest time not telling all the secrets of what is going to be happening for Master IEP Coaches in 2021! You can get a sneak peek when you join me on Tuesday for 3 Critical IEP Mistakes + Learn to be a Master IEP Coach. 

There's been a lot of heartache in Special Education during the past year, but what a HUGE awesome opportunity we have to work together to change Special Education forever!

Learn to become a Master IEP Coach at: www.masterIEPcoach.com 

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