IEP Goals for the Future

iep iepgoals lifeskills special education special education teacher special needs parent Jul 02, 2021

Do you count your pennies at Target?
Do you only use a paper calendar and sticky notes as reminders?
Do you only shop in stores, in person?

Nope. You are swiping your debit card, looking at your phone, and browsing the latest deals on Amazon.

Yes. We need money skills, time management skills, shopping skills, but... not in the way we used to teach them inside of Special Education programs.

An IEP is supposed to prepare a child for the future and I have HIGH HOPES that this generation of teachers and parents are going to breakdown barriers of low expectations and old school thinking.

You have more power than you realize as a parent or teacher to build awesome outcomes for all children.

You don’t have to do what’s always been done. You can make a huge difference!â €


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