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Special Education Data Collection Should Not Steal Instructional Time


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Meet A.J., the creator of Tracked Learning, a revolutionary tool designed to help special education teachers track the progress of their students more efficiently. A.J.'s passion for education and his frustration with the lack of effective tracking tools inspired him to create a solution that could benefit educators and students alike.

As a special education instructor himself, A.J. experienced the redundancy and inefficiency of quarterly progress reports first-hand. He found that the time he spent tracking and assessing student progress took away from the time he could spend instructing his students, which was not only inconvenient for him but also detrimental to his students' learning experience.

Tracked Learning was conceived out of necessity, born from A.J.'s desire to maximize his time as an educator and provide his students with the best possible learning environment. With Tracked Learning, instructors can spend less time tracking and assessing student progress and more time teaching.

Tracked Learning is designed to remove the busy work from tracking student progress, eliminating long nights spent in the classroom. This tool streamlines the tracking process and provides instructors with real-time data on their students' progress. Bonus: General Education teachers love Tracked Learning, too!

Psssst, Parents... by listening to A.J.'s story and sharing Tracked Learning with your child's teacher, you might just be able to help lighten the workload of your child's teacher and improve your child's day, too!

A.J.'s passion for helping students and educators alike is evident in the creation of Tracked Learning, and we're excited to see how this tool will continue to positively impact the education community.

Tracked Learning is a game-changer for special education instructors who want to maximize their time and provide the best possible learning experience for their students. A.J.'s story is a testament to the power of passion and determination, and we can't wait to see how Tracked Learning will make positive waves in classrooms all around the country!

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