Special Needs Moms - Do They Even Know You?

Uncategorized Dec 09, 2018

Hey Special Needs Moms,

It's Self Care Sunday, again, and we're going to get real about something that happens to ALL of us as moms who have EXTRAORDINARY responsibilities. 

We forget who we are.

We can't remember what we used to like or even more likely, what we used to like doesn't make us smile anymore.

Our priorities have changed.

It feels lonely, like nobody really "gets us" or understands who we are.

The real question is - do we know who we are?

Do you know what makes you smile, laugh, feel JOY?

You know when I'm talking about self care, I'm not talking about spa days and 3 hour coffee dates with your BFF. 

I'm getting real with you about stuff you CAN do, without a struggle. These are things you NEED to do to keep your sanity in your every day struggles.

So this week:

Find something this week that will make you smile. Something different than what is in your daily routine. Buy a new book. Try a new latte. Grab some fancy colored gel pens and a new journal. Make a new playlist on Spotify. Something that is ALL you. Something that somebody would say "I had no idea you liked that!". 

It'll help you connect to yourself. 

I'd love for you to hit reply and tell me what you are going to do this week that "feels like you". Yes, I read every email and I can't wait to learn more about YOU.


Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed
Founder, IEP Coach Mentorship & Online IEP Help Center
Certified Special Education Teacher
Special Needs Mom & Sibling

P.S. Don't let this week slip by without taking this step. YOU are EXTRAORDINARY! Join me and other EXTRAORDINARY Moms HERE (online). You deserve a tribe who understands you and is cheering you and your family on, every day. FIND OUT MORE

P.S.S. Practicing what I preach and took a little self care this past week by spending time shopping with my brother... life has been so rushed that I forgot how much fun we can have being ridiculous in the store!


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