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Changing Your IEP Decisions - It's a Good Thing!

One of the hardest lessons you'll ever learn as a parent or teacher navigating the Special Education system is that you're never going to get things perfect.

There’s no such thing as a perfect IEP, the perfect school day, or the perfect IEP goal.

You’re going to make decisions and then change your mind. That’s okay. Actually, that’s more than okay. That’s the best way to build a better special education experience for a child.

It’s when you get stuck in not being able to make decisions, or getting more information and then not changing decisions that you made, then you need to worry.

Figuring out all the information you need to make good decisions as either a parent or a teacher can be tough!

I've got 12 IEP questions you need to ask before your next IEP meeting to help you out and I want you to have them.

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These 12 questions will help you seek new information, so you can make decisions that make sense not just for today, but for the future too.

I've been using these 12 questions over and over for 25 years to help parents and teachers make the best decisions possible.

After you get this list, there's a good chance you're going to want to change some of your IEP decisions. Remember, that's a good thing!

I've got something for you!

My favorite 12 IEP Questions you need to ask before your next IEP meeting!