BELIEVE in Special Education

I have to show you what came in the mail this week. It MIGHT have made me tear up just a bit.

The pic above is Matt. He is the son of rockstar, special needs mom, Lisa and he has Autism. 

Both Matt and Lisa work their patooties off every day (just like you) to conquer new skills that are not just "good in the classroom", but have meaning in the real world.

When Lisa started working with me in the IEP Help Center, she was having what I call a "normal special education experience". Some days were good. Some days were not so good. Overall it always seemed like a battle or a struggle. Nobody seemed to "get it" when it came to what Matt really needed.

Then it happened - Lisa, was able to get the vision of what special education really could be and got the tools she needed to get everyone on the same page. 

Special Education for Matt became a true system to support him in skills he needs not only for today, but for tomorrow.

Anybody who is in any of the IEP Help programs with me knows I BELIEVE that EVERYTHING in special education needs to be focused on "preparing a child for further education, employment and independent living". 

After 20+ years in Special Education, coaching parents, speaking around the world, consulting with districts... I still BELIEVE in special education and all the possibilities to make it work for you, your child, your family and your community. I believe when we rise out of the everyday struggle and get focused on the big picture, solutions become more clear.

This entire next year in the IEP Help Center, we are focusing on how YOU can use the special education system to prepare your child for further education, employment and independent living - no matter what age they are now or what program they are in at school. I'm going to show you how to save your time and energy when dealing with the red tape and actually start enjoying watching your child learn.

I'll see you inside the IEP Help Center... jump in here and get started now.

2019 is going to be your child's best year ever!

With Hope & Determination Always,

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

P.S. Lisa (Matt's mom) is in the IEP Help Center and she has also completed the IEP Coach Mentorship. If you want IEP Help like Lisa got, start here. If you want to get all the IEP Help & work from home - you have to click here - seats are almost sold out. 



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