IEPs + Adoption + Master IEP Coach®, Markeisha

adoption autism parenting special education special needs Jun 18, 2020

What it REALLY takes to become a Master IEP Coach...

Yesterday, I did my usual thing. I had my coffee, checked my emails, and prepped for a full day of working with Master IEP Coaches to help them get their message out to their community.

But, Markeisha, who put on her Master IEP Coach t-shirt and filled her mug, did NOT do her usual thing yesterday. 

She is a former teacher and an adoptive mom who began the adoption process through the foster system.

Her son had struggles from the day they met and even with all of her professional background, she had to navigate the special education system in a whole new way. 

She has a story to tell and HOPE to give to families who going through the foster system process with children who have disabilities. 

She has strategies that families need to know about and being part of the Master IEP Coach community is helping her reach her goals of giving more children a chance to find their forever family and get the support they need in the school system. 

Markeisha and I recorded a video that will reach tens of thousands of parents and teachers and teach them about the struggles of special needs and the foster/adoption community.

Yesterday, Markeisha stepped out of her comfort zone. She used her courage to tell her story. She took that next step to help teachers and families build better IEPs and school support systems for families who are on a journey that many of us have not experienced.

If you sit at an IEP table, you have a story to tell. You have the ability to help other parents, schools and community organizations understand a child's need. You have the ability to get paid for your expertise. 

You can become a Master IEP Coach®, START HERE

Meet one of your Master IEP Coach® Progress Coaches... Courtney! She's road trippin' right now through Nebraska and showing the world what is possible for her daughter. Her daughter uses a wheelchair for mobility and Assistive technology for communicating. Courtney doesn't believe in taking "no" for an answer for anything that she knows in her mamma gut needs to happen for her child. She's going to be cheering you on and helping you every step of the way through your Master IEP Coach Mentorship!


One last thing... the Master IEP Coach mentorship only happens a few times a year. When Fall hits and we are in the middle of the hot mess of figuring out missed services and new placements, I hope to be right beside you (virtually) helping you every step of the way. Maybe you want to help others through the IEP system or maybe you just need to focus on yourself and your role at the IEP table. Either way... you are welcome inside of the Master IEP Coach Mentorship and I can't wait to meet you!

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