Don't miss these! What to Look for in an IEP

iep iepmeeting infographic parenting special education Jan 28, 2020

Let's get focused on where to look in your IEP paperwork!

Yes, there are dozens of boxes to check and forms to fill out, but when you focus on these 6 pieces, everything else fits together smoothly.

1. Parent Input Statement - No matter where you live in the country, every IEP has a section for parents to share their vision, concerns, and input. This area can be a huge driver for an IEP being focused on the child's needs vs getting wrapped up in school district objectives.

2. Data - Where is your child or student at right now? Can you share the data to back it up? Data isn't just for annual meetings. We all need to know what data was collected and what data will be collected for a child to be successful.

3. Measurable Goals - No need to overcomplicate. Keep the goal simple and measurable. No opinions needed. Just the facts!

4. Home to School Communication Plan - Yes, this should be documented. How often communication will happen and what will be communicated is so important. Not only for the child, but when meaningful communication is happening consistently, the stress of the unknown disappears!

5. Placement - Where are services being provided. Not just the building, but how many minutes, with who, in what room, with how many other students and staff.

6. Teacher & Team Responsibilities - Who is doing what, how often, and where? Let's all get real clear on the moving pieces and responsibilities of the document because we all know once we leave the meeting table, we are all going in different directions!

Special Needs Parents, Teachers & IEP Teams - We don't have to drown in paperwork and conflict. We really can do this together.

Need IEP help? Send me a message, ask your IEP questions, tell me your struggles... I'll help you find the answers & support you're looking for!


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