Experiences Create Growth

experience growth special ed special education teacher special needs special needs parenting specialneedsmom Jun 07, 2021

Parents, Don’t forget... Once you help your child see something new, touch a new texture, smell a new scent, or experience a new experience... You have helped your child grow.

So many things in this world are not measurable. We talk all school year about needing our children to learn skills. We take data. We measure progress. We are sad when the data charts aren't moving up.

This summer there are so many things you can do with your child that will never be able to be measured.

Once a child's brain has a new experience, it never returns back.

You can't undo what is seen, smelled, tasted, felt.

You may not see the changes right away, but every experience you give your child is helping them grow to reach their next milestones.

As we kick the summer off with our kids...what experiences can we give them?

Even something as little as tasting a new fruit or feeling how it feels to go through the sprinkler for the first time changes our children.

May this summer be the summer of experiences for you and your child!

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