Podcast: Autism and Challenging Behaviors with Molly Johnson

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Molly Johnson joins Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed on the Special Education Inner Circle Podcast to give parents of children with Autism simple behavior strategies that work during the biggest struggles.

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Molly Johnson is an autism parent consultant, using her education and experience as a former autism teacher to support parents from around the world. Through the Autism Parent Inner Circle, Molly helps families understand the reason for their child's barriers and create action plans to move forward, all while belonging to a supportive community of other autism parents and professionals. Throughout her career, Molly has worked with individuals with autism and their families in a variety of settings, including public schools, a university program, a private autism program, and virtually with parents. Molly's journey as an autism parent consultant began during her last year as an autism classroom teacher after starting The Autism Consultant podcast, where she addresses how to help children with autism move beyond challenging behaviors and learn new skills. Molly's goal is to provide support and guidance to parents to help their child thrive at home.

Website: https://www.theautismconsultant.us/

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