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Special Education & School Closings, Now What?

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2020

Parents, Teachers, & Districts are all struggling to figure out what to do next for special education services & IEPs, in these uncertain times.

Join Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed for this online talk to ask your questions, get answers and see the HOPE + POSSIBILITIES of the GOOD that can happen next for your children/students.

Hot Topics Will Include - What about missed services? What about IEP meetings? What about evaluating progress?

Catherine will be LIVE at 11am on Friday, March 27th, helping you figure out what you can do now and what needs to happen next for every child to receive an appropriate education.  JOIN the FREE FB EVENT HERE.

At anytime, grab your free IEP Checklist at

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Podcast: BCBA Help with Behavior Expectations at Home During Crisis


BCBA Helps with Behavior Expectations at Home During COVID 19 Crisis

Special Needs Parents & Special Education Teachers, Get more help at: and

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PODCAST: School is Closed: Stress Lowering Strategies for Special Needs Parents


Schools are closing left and right due to COVID 19 and the stress level of special needs parents is higher than ever.

Allison Sweatman shares 3 easy strategies you can do today to feel more in control and less chaotic as we tackle this uncertain time.

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Burnout is REAL for Special Needs Parents and Teachers


People ask me all the time how after two decades of working on IEPs I can still be excited, joyful and full of hope.

It's because I refused to get burnt out by all the fighting words and actions in Special Education.

Parents & Teachers, I get why Special Education struggles are real, but if you take these 4 steps... you'll be able to work through those exhausting days knowing that there is a bright future ahead for all of our children and students.

Resources: and

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Special Education Podcast: Measure What Matters!


Too many IEP goals can lead to chaos inside of a child's school day. Learn steps to Measure What Matters inside (and outside) of a child's school day and see more progress than ever before!

Need more help?

Book Referenced: Measure What Matters by John Doerr

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Free IEP Checklist + LIVE Podcast for Parents & Teachers

LIVE Podcast Recording: The Special Education Inner Circle - Your IEP Checklist

This is NOT an old school IEP checklist!

IEPs have many boxes to check and forms to fill out, but somehow it always feels like we are missing something when we leave the IEP table.

Use these 13 IEP Checkpoints to fill in the gaps and create a more collaborative IEP meeting. 

Get Yours Free IEP Checklist at:


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Inclusion + IEPs, Think Differently to Win


It's time to think about Inclusion + IEPs differently to help students receive an appropriate education that truly prepares them for further education, employment, and independent living.


1. Inclusion is an experience, not a place.

2. Inclusion should be centered on strengths & reflect the real world.

3. Inclusion needs to be a written plan inside of the IEP Ready for more?

Ask Catherine questions & grab a free IEP Checklist at

Enrolling Now: Become a Master IEP Coach® at

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IEP Resources or Resourcefulness? No Excuses, You Choose.


Have you ever thought of picking up and moving to a better district? Almost every special needs parent & IEP team member I've ever talked to has had the same dream. But, will IEP progress really improve in a district with more resources? Maybe. Maybe Not.

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Podcast: 6 Things You Can't Miss in the IEP


With dozens of pages in every IEP it can be hard to focus and prioritize for everyone at the IEP table.

When you look at the details in these 6 areas of the IEP, the rest can fall into place. 

  • Parent Input Statement
  • Data (simplify!)
  • Measurable Goals (don't make this complicated)
  • Home to School Communication Plan
  • Placement
  • Teacher + Team Responsibilities 

Visit for more help.

Special Needs Parents, Special Education Teachers + Teams, you got this! 

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What is a Master IEP Coach?

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2020


I could talk for hours about what a Master IEP Coach® is and is not, but let me try and sum it up quickly. We are parents, teachers, therapists and admins, who KNOW that Special Education shouldn't be so hard. We have the tools and strategies to make it easier!

For 20+ years I've been sitting at IEP tables, sometimes brought in by parents, sometimes by district, but all the time putting the child first.

Families & teachers had been asking me for years to learn to do what I do and I always said NO because trying to teach decades of experience in workshops would be too hard. I couldn't figure out how to make it happen... until a few years ago. 

Thank goodness for technology! I've bundled up all of my tools and created a Master IEP Coach® mentorship + network for every parent, teacher, therapist and admin who wants to make the IEP process easier for everyone, but most importantly, more effective for the child.

So after TWO DECADES of being in the trenches I've...

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