Master IEP Coach Mentorship®

A note from Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

Enrollment is Open for Summer 2020!

Summer is the Perfect Time to Prep for the Best School Year Ever!

Dear Special Needs Parents, Teachers & Therapists,

For the past 23 years I have been sitting at IEP tables coaching parents and teams how to find solutions to create meaningful education plans for all children.  I've been securing tens of thousands of dollars of services every year for students and you can help!  No matter what time of year it is, my voicemail is FULL. I have a waiting list 6 months long.  Bottom line... we NEED more Master IEP Coaches! 

Special Needs Parents in your community need help navigating the IEP process.This does not mean that you need to know the answers to everything, but you do need to know how to find the answers when they are needed. 

During our Master IEP Coach Mentorship, here are just a FEW things I will teach you:

  • How to prep parents for IEP meetings
  • How to help parents get what their child needs with less conflict
  • How to help both parents AND teachers keep the child's needs first without fighting the school district
  • How to create special education training programs in your local community!

In addition, you are going to learn how to GET PAID for your time and expertise!

You don't need a degree to be a Master IEP Coach, but you do need to be skilled in what you do. If you do your job right, as a Master IEP Coach, you will save parents hours and hours of time and a significant amount of money.  You can even help teachers, therapists and team members discover special education solutions that they've never seen before! Your goal as a Master IEP Coach is to walk parents & team members through the IEP process and help them feel confident in their role on the IEP team.

During our Master IEP Coach Mentorship, I will also teach you "all the things" you need for a successful business, including:

  • How to find clients. Special needs parents and special education teams are actually looking for you!
  • How to be the expert in your community
  • How to get teachers & admin to actually WANT you at their meetings. They might even ask you to come to the school to help their teachers. Seriously!
  • How to set your fees for 1:1 clients & workshops
  • How to determine what type of clients you can help best
  • How to use social media & community events to build your client list

I'm holding nothing back... In fact, I'm even going to give you the EXACT checklists and tools you need to start talking with parents and showing your expertise.  By the end of your mentorship you will have 7 tools that you can start using immediately to HELP FAMILIES!

Become a Master IEP Coach Mentorship Schedule:

  • We will begin on June 22nd and work together, LIVE ONLINE for 5 weeks!
  • EVERY WEEK I will teach you BOTH IEP & BUSINESS Strategies
  • Receive up to 5 hours of mentoring each week, but you can go at your own pace 
  • All Lessons will be recorded so you can watch again & again
  • At the end of the mentorship you will have the opportunity to continue to be mentored in an ongoing monthly group with fellow Master IEP Coaches who have completed the mentorship

My email inbox is overflowing with parents who need help looking through their child's IEP. When you join me for this mentorship starting on June 22nd, 2020, you will be prepared to start taking your own IEP Help phone calls from parents & special needs organizations in July! This is perfect timing for you to get the tools and critical information you need to help parents and IEP team members decide if the school year will be successful, if students are set up to make progress and teach others how they tackle their IEP concerns as a team before the school year even begins. Most importantly, you'll be ready to help with IEP meetings and help parents & teams make tough decisions on placement, supports & goals, which are the most stressful for everyone at the IEP table.

Let's work together and change our community, one IEP at a time.

I'm beyond excited to help you help families who need this support!

With Hope & Determination Always,

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed


IMPORTANT: I am not a lawyer and will not be giving legal advice. I do not teach how to file state complaints or file due process. This mentorship will focus solely on strategies to support families through the IEP process who are NOT in critical situations. This mentorship is right for you ONLY if you are looking to support families who need to know how to be an equal member of the team through positive interactions, creating appropriate paper trails and knowing what questions to ask to get the results the child needs. Our focus will be on collaboration and using tools take IEPs in your community to the next level of helping students achieve. 

6 Online Special Education Courses

Each week you will receive Special Education strategies & lessons that will help you know with confidence HOW to build a MEANINGFUL IEP for any & EVERY student. Learn to help parents FULLY participate in the process. Help teachers & team members use their expertise with collaborative approaches.

6 Online Small Business Courses

Catherine is a certified special education teacher who has been working from home as an International Special Education speaker, consultant, Inclusion specialist and more for over TWO DECADES. Learn how to set yourself up for work at home SUCCESS by providing special education help for the entire IEP team in your community. Plus, get ready to have FUN while building your new business!

Private Online Community

Catherine and your fellow Master IEP Coaches are with you every step of the way for 8 weeks and beyond! This is NOT just an online mentorship. It's real parents, teachers & team members working together across the country on a mission to change the special education experience for everyone involved, especially the student! 

LIVE Virtual Masterminds

When you Become a Master IEP Coach, you become part of an AMAZING community of like-minded special needs mom, dads, teachers and therapists. You CAN change the Special Education experience in your community by working in your own Master IEP Coach practice & together online with people who get excited about Special Education WINS, just like you!

Social Media Training

Catherine is sought after by multi-million dollar businesses to educate their teams on how use social media to HELP families. She holds NOTHING back when showing you latest strategies for reaching and serving more families!

Certificate & Swag Included

Show your achievement & get out in your community with your NEW Master IEP Coach swag!

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"After 4 IEP meetings in the last 36 hours, I'm exhausted, but can't even put into words the elation I feel from getting kids the services and supports they need! Catherine Whitcher, thank you so much for your kindness, wisdom, and helping me fulfill my passion of helping IEP teams work together collaboratively and build inclusion for every child. I'm so happy to be on this journey with you! "

Alexandria Bergman
Master IEP Coach®

"I have been hired by Georgia State University IDEAL program, as a Master IEP Coach, to create a training for students with Intellectual disabilities and their parents. I've done exactly what Catherine Whitcher taught us in our Master IEP Coach mentorship, this has been life-changing! I'm so happy I found Catherine and the Master IEP Coach program!"

Angela West Brown
Master IEP Coach®

"Just left an IEP meeting. It was awesome to be in a room with a team who was willing to see the positive. When I was leaving, the Special Education Director pulled me aside to ask how we could collaborate more. She said she's never worked with some one who could support parents and be so willing to collaborate. She thanked me and when I got to my car I cried. Being a Master IEP Coach is exactly where I'm supposed to be."

Nicole Schlechter
Master IEP Coach®


NEW! End of the School Year Trainings for Parents, Teachers & Teams, including what to do if your school closed during the virus crisis. ($300 Value)! PLUS, Bonus IEP Coaching Calls with Catherine our Private Online Community to jumpstart your Master IEP Coach mentorship! ($600 Value) IMMEDIATE ACCESS to Special Education Checklists Tool Kit with videos ($97), EXCLUSIVE invite to our LIVE Master IEP Coach Mastermind in Chicago in JULY 2020!









Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

Catherine founded the Master IEP Coach®  Mentorship after 20+ years of training parents, teachers, therapists and admins on creative IEP solutions that WORK! She has traveled the country teaching IEP Boot Camps, Professional Development Trainings and working 1:1 with IEP teams and parents. Building the Master IEP Coach Mentorship + Network is part of her legacy... to change Special Education - one IEP at time. Catherine EMPOWERS Parents, Teachers & Therapists to open their own Master IEP Coaching practice, by equipping new coaches with tools for IEP teams work together.  The Master IEP Coaching program leads team members to prepare students for the future, creating a positive ripple effect our Special Needs Community.

Please email questions to [email protected] or call (815) 302-1273

Things to Know

  1. The entire IEP Coach Mentorship is ONLINE - you only need a smart phone, tablet or computer to get EVERYTHING.
  2. The IEP Coach Mentorship works for all states - I've been coaching nationwide for over 20 years, I'll show you how.
  3. No matter how busy you are, you'll be able to access EVERYTHING. I record every single minute of every single lesson so it fits into your schedule.
  4. You have lifetime access to your Master IEP Coach courses. You'll never be behind!
  5. You don't need a degree in special education, BUT you do NEED to have an extreme passion for all students of all ability levels to get an education that is meaningful for their future.

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