Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

Founder of the Online IEP Help Center & Become an IEP Coach Mentorship

For the past 22 years, Catherine has been designing IEPs that WORK for parents, teachers, districts and students!

Inspired by her brother who has Down syndrome, she became a certified special education teacher. With both a Bachelor's and Master's in special education, Catherine taught in the classroom and has a full understanding of the realities inside of the school system. Due to high demand as a consultant, Catherine left the classroom to bring real world solutions to districts, parents and teams across the country.  

Creating meaningful education plans that make sense for our 21st Century students is a key focus of Catherine's trainings.  By simplifying the IEP process for both staff and parents, teams see desired outcomes faster than ever thought possible.

Every week she coaches hundreds of parents through the Online IEP Help Center & is Mentoring Parents, Teachers & Therapists to Become IEP Coaches in their local communities.

Catherine both travels the country and works virtually. She LOVES to guide and empower every member of the IEP team to be a leader. She uses proven strategies and real world experiences to bring NEW special education solutions to the table.  

Below are just a few of her latest accomplishments:

Highlights About Catherine

  • Onsite in Paris, KY - 2 Day Onsite Problem Solving in the Trenches
  • Inclusion, Co-Teaching, Paraprofessional Training, Paris, KY
  • Inclusion, Co-Teaching, Paraprofessional Training, Poplar Grove, IL
  • Onsite in Poplar Grove, IL - 4 Day Onsite Problem Solving
  • Inclusion & Co-Teaching, Galena, IL 
  • Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network Conference Speaker
  • Down Syndrome Alliance of the Midlands Conference Speaker
  • TACA - Autism Conference Speaker
  • Founder of the Online IEP Help Center for Parents
  • Creator of National IEP Training program for collaborative approaches
  • Talk About Curing Autism (TACA), Presenter
  • NATTAP Conference, Presenter
  • Reaching for the Stars, Washington Medical University, Presenter
  • AutismOne, Presenter
  • SPIN, IL Dist 203, Presenter
  • Indian Prairie Special Needs PTA, IL Dist 204, Presenter
  • SPARK, IL Dist 15, Presenter
  • Joliet Park District, Presenter
  • Autism Society of IL, Central IL Chapter, Presenter
  • Healing Thresholds, Contributor
  • Gerson Lehrman Group, Consultant
  • AlphaSights, Consultant
  • Mom’s Choice Awards, Distinguished Judge

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