WELCOME, I'M Catherine!

I'm a Special Education expert who helps you build awesome IEPs.

I can remember listening to my Mom and Dad negotiate with my school for my brother with Down syndrome.

I just didn't understand why it was so hard for teachers to help him, so I became a teacher myself.

And then I got it. I understood what was happening behind the scenes in our school system.

For the past 25 years, I've been packing up my suitcase with Special Education strategies and traveling the country helping parents and teachers build IEPs that work in the Real World, with ease.

I can't wait to show you how!

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IEPs Don't Have to Be Overcomplicated.

Let me tell you a little secret... there's no such thing as a perfect IEP, but you can perfect the process of building a really awesome IEP. That's exactly what I can show you how to do! 

No confusing jargon or unnecessary obstacles - just a straightforward and successful approach to building an effective IEP.

After prepping thousands of parents and teachers for tens of thousands of IEP meetings, I promise you that celebrating after an IEP meeting is possible. 

Together, let's flip the script in Special Education. I'll show you how to find joy, hope, and endless possibilities of how we can support all children with IEPs on their education journey.

Just a few ways we can work together... virtual professional development and parent workshops, in-person IEP Leadership events, or dive right in and let me show you how to become a Master IEP Coach®!

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