Special Education Help

for Parents & Schools with Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

Free IEP Checklist

Online Special Education Courses

The easiest way for Special Needs Parents, Teachers and Teams to work with Catherine online. Courses include, videos, checklists, and workbooks to help you and your IEP team to always keep the child first.

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LIVE Workshops for Parents & Districts

Catherine brings you and your teams REAL WORLD, Special Education IEP Strategies that WORK! Schedule Catherine to work with your parent group or school district, either in person or virtually.

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Become an IEP Coach Certificate Program

Special Needs Parents, Teachers, and Therapists can learn to do what Catherine has been doing for 20+ years! Help children reach their goals while you reach yours!

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Free IEP Checklist

Easy to Use - IEP Checklist for Parents & Teachers


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