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If you sit at an IEP table and you're ready to see awesome results for students in Special Education, you're in the right place!

IEP Masterclass + Special Education Inner Circle

An exclusive members-only community for special needs parents, special education teachers & IEP team members to learn how to navigate the school system quickly with less conflict.

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Master IEP Coach® Mentorship

Parents, Teachers, and Therapists learn how to build better IEPS + create additional streams of income both online and in their local community by becoming a Master IEP Coach®

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IEP Workshops Onsite + Online

I've been traveling and teaching audiences of special needs parents + professionals about IEPs for 20+ years. Need an onsite or online IEP training for your group or school? Let's talk!

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I'm a special needs parent seeking help in navigating the special education system?


I'm a special education teacher or team member looking for answers on how to write IEPs with less conflict and more results?


I'm ready to both change my own special education experience and I want to help others too! Show me how to work from home as a Master IEP Coach®


"After 4 IEP meetings in the last 36 hours, I'm exhausted, but can't even put into words the elation I feel from getting kids the services and supports they need! Catherine Whitcher, thank you so much for your kindness, wisdom, and helping me fulfill my passion of helping IEP teams work together collaboratively and build inclusion for every child. I'm so happy to be on this journey with you! "

Alexandria Bergman
Master IEP Coach®

"I have been hired by Georgia State University IDEAL program, as a Master IEP Coach, to create a training for students with Intellectual disabilities and their parents. I've done exactly what Catherine Whitcher taught us in our Master IEP Coach mentorship, this has been life-changing! I'm so happy I found Catherine and the Master IEP Coach program!"

Angela West Brown
Master IEP Coach®

"Just left an IEP meeting. It was awesome to be in a room with a team who was willing to see the positive. When I was leaving, the Special Education Director pulled me aside to ask how we could collaborate more. She said she's never worked with some one who could support parents and be so willing to collaborate. She thanked me and when I got to my car I cried. Being a Master IEP Coach is exactly where I'm supposed to be."

Nicole Schlechter
Master IEP Coach®

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