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I'm Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

I teach Special Education parents, teachers, and IEP teams how to collaborate effectively by focusing on IEP strategies that work in the real-world.

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The Special Education Inner Circle Podcast

Real-World IEP Strategies for Parents and Teachers

Listen to my weekly podcast show to get excited about all that is possible in Special Education. You'll get new IEP ideas you can use immediately!

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Resources For Everyone On The IEP Team


12 Hard IEP Questions for Your Next Meeting

My favorite questions that every parent and teacher needs to ask before their next IEP meeting.

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IEP Timeline for Teachers

Grab this FREE IEP Timeline to help you stop stressing over IEP deadlines!

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IEP Goal Writing for Parents

Parents and Teacher have VERY different roles when it comes to writing IEP goals!

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If you want to stop feeling overwhelmed and exhausted over IEPs, you're in the right place! I'll help you build better IEPs with less stress and more results. 

Need an IEP workshop for your school or parent group?

Now scheduling IEP workshops for the 2022-2023 school year!

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IEP Resource Room™ 

Navigating the school system as a Special Education teacher is tough!

You're torn between wanting the best for your students, doing what your boss expects you to do, and building trust with parents.

What if you could do it all? It's possible!

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Master IEP Coach® Mentorship

Become the idea bringer, solution finder, and team builder at the IEP table. Discover how to fix your own IEPs, plus learn how you can get paid as an IEP expert! 

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IEP Conferences, Let's Meet In Person!

VIP IEP Weekends are PERFECT for parents, teachers, admins, and therapists to get off the lonely island of Special Education and get surrounded by like-minded, positive problem-solvers, just like you!

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"It's time to stop writing IEPs for the 1980s and truly prepare all students for the future."



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